Confined at home, sick or panicked by the continuous flow of media information, we are all experiencing a moment that humanity is not likely to forget. If the COVID-19 crisis has led to the closure of all restaurants, cafés and bars in the city, it is also in this exceptional situation that invites each of us to rediscover ourselves every day and makes us aware of the essential value of life. These strict governmental decisions must not stop us from thinking about the “after COVID situation". They must not dive us into an obscure and absolute depression - instead It is important to think positively in this post-crisis period, e.i. what will be the next restaurants for your family dinners? Where are you going to celebrate your three years of love? Which café will you and your best friend go to to discuss the question of life that rule every destiny? Foodetective believes in it and has put together, just to put a smile back on your face, a guide to the places not to be missed once the lockdown is over!